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Earth is our only home, let's do our part to keep it clean and green. 



Join BharatBio in the green drive. Align with our thoughts and take the first step to replace plastic with Biodegradable, compostable , eco-friendly products.

Made from corn-starch based PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) carry bags, straws, medical bags, water cups and much more.


This is our space. Lets protect it...

   We filled it with plastic...   

The Past


Plastic was always existent. However, we had found ways and means to re-use them. The need for disposable packaging was minimal.

The Present


Convenience and lack of care for environment has lead to over use of disposable plastic. It is time to act and save our space, before it's too late.

The Future


The solution is here. Continue using bags but do not feel guilty. These bags will become organic matter and become part of the soil. 100% compostable

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It all starts with you and your concern and apathy towards the future. Do your bit, be loud and consistent and the rest will follow.

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